Staikouras: The Greek economy resisted adverse conditions


Source: Greek City Times

Despite the adverse conditions, in the last 18 months, “the Greek economy has resisted” and “the way is open for a smooth and strong recovery,” Finance Minister Christos Staikouras said on Wednesday addressing the Committee on Economic Affairs of the European Parliament today in Brussels.

Staikouras pointed out that Greece will be able to achieve economic growth of 3.6 pct in 2021.

“It is realistic and completely feasible and we will probably do better,” he said, noting that there has been a significant improvement in tourism and economic activity.

As he said, according to the forecasts of the European Commission, Greece will achieve growth of 4.3 pct in 2021.

The Minister of Finance stressed that in order to achieve high and sustainable growth, the “key” is the implementation of an economic policy in favor of cohesive growth.

“That is why we have built an economic strategy with specific and realistic goals,” he said.

The Minister noted that Greece must achieve high levels of growth in 2021 and beyond, improve the figures that make up GDP, increase investment and exports from 2021 and exit the surveillance programme in 2022.

“All these goals,” Staikouras stressed, adding “will be achieved by implementing an economic policy based on seven pillars, including targeted support for households and businesses, the continuation of tax cuts, the maintenance of high level of liquidity and the timely and efficient use of European funds.”


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