There will soon be “more good news to come” regarding the Greek economy, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis commented in a tweet on Thursday regarding the findings of a Bloomberg article on the country’s economic performance.

“Greece’s GDP expansion ‘outpacing major economies’ since 2019 and an NPL’s reduction rate ‘unsurpassed by the banking industry anywhere, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.’ Good news and more good news to come soon,” the prime minister’s Twitter post said, with a link to the Bloomberg article.

Under the headline “With Grexit Averted, Guess Whose Debt Outperforms?”, the Bloomberg article’s sub-headline notes that “Greece’s economic recovery is ratified in its low cost of borrowing, which is below the average for investment-grade borrowers anywhere in the world” while, according to the caption under the photograph accompanying the article “Greece’s comeback is complete”.